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SODCAM-00457801-US.EXE 623.13 KB 09/30/2004        site for model number


LiveAssist Transcript
chat id : 725402b9-60b7-4740-b5cd-849040c978bc
Problem : no image picture...install/unintall/ smart capure no image/picture..can u help?
Jimmy_ > Hi Abanilla. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Jimmy. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.
h abanilla > event # 34457 877
Jimmy_ > Thank you for waiting, Abanilla. I'm sorry that the Camera is not working. Iíll be happy to assist you with this.
Jimmy_ > Are you using a VAIO computer?
h abanilla > pcg-grt260g
Jimmy_ > Thanks for confirming the exact model #.
h abanilla > welcome..
Jimmy_ > Do you get any error messages?
h abanilla > no error msg...when i go to app netwokr smart picture...just like a tv with no signal...
h abanilla > get what i mean?
Jimmy_ > Were you able to use the camera normally before?
h abanilla > yes...and after the laptop hard drive replaced...this is the problem..
h abanilla > downloaded already the update..still not working
Jimmy_ > Did you install the Driver from the installation disk for the camera?
h abanilla > yes twice already...
h abanilla > after install/uninstall/install
h abanilla > have u meet this problem b4?
Jimmy_ > Abanilla, we're not aware of any such issue.
Jimmy_ > Are you able to use the other USB devices normally?
h abanilla > ok jimmy, is anyoone in your chat mates aware similar issue...and yes other USD devices working, gps, what else?
Jimmy_ > Abanilla, could you confirm the Operating System installed in the Notebook?
h abanilla > xp home edi
Jimmy_ > In that case, let's install the Sony Shared Library and then install Drivers and check if the issue is resolved.
Jimmy_ > I would like to forward a link to a page where you can download and install the Sony Shared Library.
Jimmy_ > When you receive the link please click on it to open the page and let me know if you are able to view it.
Jimmy_ >
h abanilla > k, let me cut and paste it..
Jimmy_ > Please go ahead.
h abanilla > done,,,do i have to restart pc?
Jimmy_ > Yes, you may have to restart the Notebook, are you okay with that?
h abanilla > if there is still a problem, i just get back to the chat line?
Jimmy_ > I'm positive that the troubleshooting steps will resolve the issue. 
Jimmy_ > If any issue still persists please get back to us here. We'll be more than glad to assist you.
Jimmy_ > Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
h abanilla > wow, so confident, first encounter of problem...r y pinoy?
Jimmy_ > Please log in back with the same email address and we will be able to retrieve your previous chat trascript. Thank you.
h abanilla > salamat...
Jimmy_ > Could you explain that in English?
h abanilla > never mind..thanks, Jimmy.
Jimmy_ > You're welcome.
Jimmy_ > Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
LiveAssist Transcript
chat id : f13216a2-87be-447e-8554-8e136e4e409a
Problem : jimmy said with email address, chat arhcived can be seen. is he correct?
Nash_ > Hi Abanilla. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Nash. Please give me a moment to review your concern.
Nash_ > Thanks for waiting, Abanilla. I'll be glad to assist you with your concern today.
Nash_ > We'll be able to access the previous chat transcripts using the email ID.
h abanilla > ok, thanks for the formality...what's next...
Nash_ > Could you please explain the issue? Thank you.
h abanilla > did u see the previous transcript, nash?
Nash_ > Yes, Abanilla.
Nash_ > I read the previous chat transcript. 
h abanilla > ok, still not working..
Nash_ > Did you install the Sony Shared library successfully?
h abanilla > yes, was told to restart after install, open the apps and still no image or picture..
Nash_ > Did you install a retail version of the Operating System after replacing the Hard Drive?
h abanilla > no idea but all the apps that worked b4 still works except this apps i'm having problem with
Nash_ > I would like to forward a link to a page where you can view the procedure to troubleshoot the issue. 
Nash_ > When you receive the link please click on it to open the page and let me know if you are able to view it.
Nash_ > 
h abanilla > when i click the link, this is what is shown..
h abanilla > Expires: Sat, 16-Jun-2007 19:45:39 GMT Content-type: text/html 
Knowledge Server Error - Please try again.
Nash_ > Since, we are updating our Knowledge base, I suggest that you bookmark the link and try opening the same at a later point.
h abanilla > and then what?
Nash_ > Please follow all the procedure mentioned on the page to resolve the issue.
h abanilla > since the site is down, can you just copy and paste it here...please
Nash_ > Abanilla, at this point the links or web address on the knowledge base is not working.
Nash_ > I recommend you to bookmark and check the same at later point.
Nash_ > I'll forward the chat transcript to your e-mail ID at the end of the chat session for your further reference. 
h abanilla > ok dookie make sure there is an archived transcript so that i don't have to repeat my self
Nash_ > Okay, Abanilla.
Nash_ > Are there any other concerns we have not covered yet?
h abanilla > is this hit or miss troubleshooting or are you sure it gonna help the problem?
Nash_ > I'm positive that following all the steps will resolve the issue.
h abanilla > here we go again, sounds confident...
h abanilla > will keep in touch...