March  28, 2008

saintandch: uncle
saintandch: eng passed away at 4pm today
saintandch: ill be flying to cebu earliest tomorrow am.
Long Abanilla: thanks for letting me thoughts and prayers....
saintandch: hi
Long Abanilla: hi
Long Abanilla: unsa may latest?
saintandch: ill be leaving tom 4 cebu
Long Abanilla: sila elel/jun2x tua pa sa cebu?
saintandch: i dont know ky ingon wife ni eng larga cla last weds
Long Abanilla: oh, my...
saintandch: tsk tsk
sLong Abanilla: ur the only 1 who give me the update..thanks...and it's really costly to come home..
saintandch: u dont know???
saintandch: dat eng passed away?
Long Abanilla: nobody told me - you're the first one to inform me..
saintandch: i think everyone in cebu is still in shock
saintandch: my closefriend called me at 5pm. i called his wife, mitsoy (very close also to me). the only thing she repeated was if only i went home then i can see edward. she begged for me to come home immediately tomorrow for comfort. informed me that eng will be burried on monday.  I was supposed to go on sail (would take a day to arrive in cebu) but decided to fly
saintandch: but i will be flying and will be sailing back in manila with christy on wednesday. arrival on thurs. christy's gonna spend her summer here with me
Long Abanilla: you have any idea how nong emie holding up?
saintandch: i don't know
Long Abanilla: let us hope him and the rest of the family accept the reality.
Long Abanilla: i wish i can come home but reality is...can't.   money is too tight....i sent nong emie xk while eng2x was in the hospital...and besides we have financial crisis here in the US....too much utang already beyond our capacity to pay.
saintandch: yeah i understand.  we too are budgeting coz living in makati is expensive. saint is going back to school on june.
Long Abanilla: i will call nong emie when the sad mood subsides...meantime, again, our thoughts and prayers for the whole family...extend my condolences....
saintandch: ok...i will send it to them from you. would you like to offer bouquet of flowers?
saintandch: i'll ask auntie belen
saintandch: to buy one
saintandch: tagged from you all
saintandch: it's around P600
Long Abanilla: buy what?
saintandch: flowers?
saintandch: it's ok if not coz you've extended your help also
Long Abanilla: if i were you, just personal opinion, give the cash donations...they can use that for practical reasons. flowers? - only the merchants can use that...
Long Abanilla: here in the states, sending flowers is discouraged....monetary donation is the way to go.
saintandch: yup
saintandch: will do that
saintandch: thanks
saintandch: yeah
saintandch: true
Jedd, Jeff, Estring, and me, Olong , wish to extend our deepest sympathy to my brother, Nong Emie, and his wife, Nang Dulce, and surviving sons Junjun(thanks for calling for the bad news), Elel, daughter Hazel, and their spouses, grandsons and grand daughters for the loss of one of OUR OWN - Eng-eng.

May He rest in peace together with our departed loved ones: Ingko Gardo, Tay Osoy, Papa Titing, Mama Meling and both parents of Nang Dulce. Someone said all the time that Life has it end....and we should be glad  that they are all at eternal peace in the end.        March 28, 2008

Life at the happiest times........    go to the link to refresh the memory....
"assuring our unity and prayer!!!!

edward may you rest in peace" "ronald n. villanueva" "" "29 Mar 2008" "15:28:26"
For Eng-Eng's wife & daughter...our deepest & sincerest condolences for your loss...we feel your pains as well...our prayers & thoughts are with you always...

Auntie Estring & Family"      ...My good memories with Eng-eng, his hometown Cebu, his parents, wife, sister, relatives...salamat Eng.....

 march 30, 2008


" "" "" "30 Sep 2008"  "" "
"Rest in Peace Edward..

Where is he buried so I can possibly drop by this All Saint's Day? thanks.." "Anthony James" "" "23 Oct 2008" "11:26:25" "" ""

Dec 27 2008 -  Long

Sorry about the delay of posting this message. Just mixed up with so much ads/spam..

Again, sorry, my apology....I have  no idea where's the place and I hope someone will  reply to this posting...

ps: merry xmas to all -Mitz/Robyn - it's gonna be okay...i know you're both strong.


tinuod ni? wala gyud kahibalo naa ko Taiwan ghapon...can somebody email me at" "hanzel racaza" "" "30 Dec 2008" "23:15:41"

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